Day 48 - September 19th

Surf's up! After a quick Nicaraguan breakky, the two of us jumped onto a beach shuttle and headed for Playa Maderas. On the shuttle, we saw Antonio and Veronica, who we had met the night before, on their way to surf lessons. We decided to skip the lessons and head straight into the waves. Renting a couple longboards was quick and painless, and we paddled out into some 4 foot curls. With a lot of struggling and falling, we both got up several times and had a lot of fun. After breaks for food and/or cervezas, we went back into it. A better surfer near us gave us a couple tips on getting up, paddling, and stance, which turned out to be super helpful. After a few hours more, we chilled on the beach and swam a bit before the last shuttle home. Antonio and Veronica had a lot of fun too, and were as tired as we were! Once home, we grabbed some burritos and chatted with the surfer we'd met who had been helping us out. Then we went to the Loose Moose, a small Canadian bar with a sweet vibe. Met a couple Canadians there who were vacationing from Toronto, and some other travellers from Australia, Wisconsin, and Switzerland. We shared a couple stories, had our first Caesar since we had left the Great White North, enjoyed some cheap cervezas, and called er a night. Not too bad of a day!

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