Day 47 - September 18th

After a nice long healthy sleep, we were still both hot in León, Nicaragua. We woke up unsure of what to do today - volcano boarding, historical tours, maybe an architecture/archeological site visit? Well, the boarding didn't pan out, and the tours were gone for the day, so we decided to leave town and keep on heading south. The ride was beautiful today - once we got onto the ridge between Lago Nicaragua and the coast, the temperature dropped enough to make it manageable. Riding highway 1 (or highway 2 according to some signage) showed us everything from beautiful volcanoes to rolling farmland to wind farms... Too bad the highway was perfectly straight with boring curves. Oh well. After about a 4 hour ride, we arrived in San Juan del Sur. The surf town seemed amazing - a beautiful beach, plenty of cool people, and lots to do. After Carlos the hammock salesman tried to sell us a hammock twice, we made it to the beach for some cervezas. What a beautiful sunset. Meanwhile, Carlos tried again to sell us some hammocks. Once it got dark, we headed to the hostel to do some internetting and pick up our laundry. We found the rooftop bar and met a couple people. After chatting with Gareth and Alexis for a while, we decided to go grab some tacos. Of course, while we were eating tacos, Carlos came round again and offered us some hammocks. Screw off, Carlos. After a couple more cervezas, we called it a night.

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