Day 42 - September 13th

Woke up to birds yelling. Had tamales and coffee for breakfast while playing with a parrot who will remain nameless. He literally didn't have a name. After a slow roll out, we proceeded to get out of dodge with Orlando, Mayra and Orlando's wife. The 5 of us took his car to El Tunco (The Pig) beach. It was about 90 mins away, and the main tourist destination in El Salvador - a surf spot. Before going for a swim, we went to a restaurant for a drink overlooking the ocean right at cliff side probably 100 meters above the water. The view was amazing. Upon arrival at the beach we promptly went for a was hot. The waves were big as you might expect being a surfers hangout, but there were very few surfers and none near us. At one point we saw a couple locals climbing up a big rock outcropping in the water and cliff jumping. We definitely have to give that a go, right?! The approach was easy enough, but climbing to the area we could jump proved quite difficult. After many attempts and being nearly washed away, Trevor made it! Got a big 'ol jump in and got a picture to prove it. Dave, on the other hand, was not so lucky...instead of jumping he just ended up with some scrapes and bruises. Oh well. Out of the water, we went for food at a nice restaurant under a palapa and we were finally able to pay for a meal for our gracious hosts for these few days we have in El Salvador. Arrived back to the house at dusk and had a great meal - forget the name, but it was similar to a quiche. Exchanged some language tips and tongue twisters and hit the sack. Tomorrow we hope to explore a farm and maybe ride a horse? Who knows. We're just going with the flow.

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