Day 40 - September 11th

Alrighty, what to do today? Woke up hot at 7am and found ourselves still in the police campground in Antigua. What a weird place. I don't understand it even a little bit. Went for some food talk to a couple travel places about organizing a volcanoe tour, but we were somewhat unsuccessful cause of our timeline and decided it would be better if we attempted to head towards the next border if we could get in touch with Trevor's family friends there for a safe place to stay. Dealt with that and some other little logistics and went off to seek out a hungover motorbike shop owner who was giving us a few tips on how to approach the border. His shop was really cool, would definitely grab a beer with him if I'm ever back in Antigua. The place was called MotoTour and the guy's name was José. We opted to leave toward the border town of Jatiapa for a morning cross along the Pan-American highway. We took a bunch of wrong turns but eventually found out way thru some dirt roads. We of course got soaked from rain again...why did we come in rainy season? We're not smart people. Once here, we stayed at Hotel Del Sol where the owner took pity on us and gave us a hotel for less than half price....good stuff! Unfortunately the WiFi isn't working, but what are ya gonna do. Naturally, we headed over to the gas station to listen to Top 40 Guatemala music played at full volume and drank a couple tall the gas station. Classic Guatemala. Hopefully we'll have an uneventful border crossing into El Salvador bright and early.

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