Day 38 - September 9th

Today started with a sickness-beating sleep in for Trev and an unnecessarily early morning for Dave. Once the day finally got rolling, we walked down to the water to get some breakky. Next came the decision to leave Panajachel or stay another night! Well, even if we wanted to stay, we should probably find somewhere cheaper. So we packed up the bikes, adjusted Dave's tire pressure, and went for lunch at Mike's. We met him outside the coffee shop at 12:57 and he was ready to rip. Riding his 250 Yamaha like he stole it, we struggled to keep up through town, avoiding tuk tuks and jumping speed bumps. Finally we got out of town where he led us up a steep driveway to a beautiful house. Adele (Mike's wife) had a freshly cooked lasagna waiting for us and coffee afterward. It was so good! Next, we were given a tour of his house. 2 months ago, the two of them narrowly escaped death when an ~80 ton boulder came crashing down the hillside and into their bedroom. It moved the bed several feet and destroyed the bathroom... The damage was unbelievable. Currently the house was in the process of being repaired, but the still obvious damage painted a scary picture. Mike's attitude towards the event was very positive and inspiring. After a couple photo ops, Mike had to go back to work and we went back to town. Thanks again for your hospitality, Mike and Adele!
Next, we drove around town trying to find a more affordable place to stay. Finally finding a place, we decided to go for a wander to the market. Hopped in a tuk tuk (Trevor's first one ever!) and ripped around town to the central market. Nothing too crazy happened at the market, so we wandered down towards the water. We met a couple guys from the Canary islands who rented bikes in Guatemala city. They gave us some cool tips on dirt roads to ride around the lake, which we may or may not do tomorrow. Next, we ran into a 74 year old ex-pat sitting in his front yard straight chilling. "Ali the Turk" gave us an hour or two of his life wisdom, including the economy, fishing, consumerism, sexual encounters, Campbell River, and not being a jerk to people. 1001 times in 12 years... What can ya say?

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