Day 37 - September 8th

I think Trevor's dead? Haha. Not really, but he was super sick all day. I (Dave) woke up bright and early at 730 and went for a huge long walk around town to explore more, then came back and Trev was sleeping. Then I went for breakfast at a nice little place a found earlier in the day. Had a good American style breakfast which was an interesting change from beans and tortillas. Trev awakened and we went to seek out a cool coffee place I had heard about called Crossroads café. There we met Mike. A really cool guy who had been living here for 15 years. We had a couple coffees and a cinnamon bun and chatted with him about our motorbike trip. He was a rider himself and was super interested. At the end of our breakfast he insisted that the food and drinks were on him and casually invited us over to his house for lunch tomorrow....What? This is awesome! What a good first impression of Guatemala. Following that really cool experience, Trev went back to bed and I chilled out on the deck of our way-too-fancy hotel and explored again. Trev eventually got up for lunch a few hours later and I got his sick ass to a restaurant close to us that served chicken noodle soup. He better get good soon. Trev continued to be useless and slept the rest of the day I'm pretty sure. Meantime, I met a few cool people. One of which was a girl from Texas that's contemplating going to UVic in January. We had a couple drinks and I gave her a bit of info about things and stuff. Overall, neither of us did a ton today, but the town still seems super awesome - The people here are so nice!

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