Day 36 - September 7th

Today was productive I guess. We got some Guatemala money (Quetzels) from the bank in the morning in Huehuetenago. We were gonna go see the archeological park, but the town was gross and didn't have a good vibe, so we opted to push on to our next destination. Trevor was starting to feel pretty sick by this point, so we're weren't sure how far we were gonna get. Turns out we are travelling on the Pan American highway tho, which is pretty neat. The highway itself it pretty different in sections to say the least. Today there was one point where it was a 1 lane road over a old bridge, and another time where the whole road was washed away and a river was running through it. Then came the perfect, most beautiful 4 lane divided highway with ideal corners. I don't understand. We were travelling at pretty high altitude this whole time, and we eventually started seeing yellow flowers on the side of the road. That was our cue to stop and collect samples for our Wisconsin botanist friend from Mexico. Perfect. We took the turnips and marked the GPS coordinates. Go us! Pretty sure we're gonna do that at least once every travel day now. It's hilarious. While doing so, Dave somehow managed to fall into a garbage hole in the ground and got his leg soaking wet. Gross. We arrived into Panajachel at about 4pm and got the first hotel we saw as Trevor's sickness was starting to get the best of him. Trev passed out for a few hours and Dave explored. We read online on another blog that someone was said this was the 'Pai, Thailand' of Central America. Dave loved that place back in the day so he was stoked. The town didn't disappoint either. It's really cool with a great sense of practically between being touristy, having a cool expat scene, cheap souvenirs and seems to have a bunch of cool outdoorsy things to do. You can see 3 volcanoes from the shore across the lake and take boats to the different communities around the lake. We definitely won't be able to explore all of it...maybe come back to spend some serious time one day.

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