Day 34 - September 5th

Today Dave's bike finally had some new rubber on er so we were set to leave tomorrow. By the time the bike was picked up, it was too late to leave that day. Oh well. Later that morning, a parade went by the hostel. A bunch of trucks were throwing random things out their windows, like snacks, Tupperware, crazy straws... It was pretty loud and not that exciting.
Later on we decided to go for a ride to some cool things just outside the city. Stop one was a park with a big cave. It had a bunch of lights strung inside the cave and some walkways to make exploring easy. The cave was huge! Big cavernous rooms and cool offshoots everywhere made it a lot of fun. There were a couple limestone formations in the shape of a mammoth, sleeping people, tusks, etc... Super neat! Next we got back on the bikes and tried to find an ancient city nearby. After getting lost a few times, we found a sketchy dirt road that seemed to go where we wanted. Driving right to the end got us to cornfields, hills, rivers, and other beautiful scenery... But no ancient city. Oh well. The ride was still a lot of fun. We finished the day off with a nice Thai meal at a place called Bankook. Last night in Mexico... Thai food makes sense, right? Hopefully off to Guatemala in the morning!

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