Day 32 - September 3rd

Got up, had breakfast and decided we should both rip apart our Guage Clusters on the motorbikes...the reset button isn't working in either of our bikes, which we use to track when we need gas. Got the cluster off the bikes and took a break to go to lunch in town and go to the second Spanish class. The food for lunch was pretty interesting... Trevor got eggs on tortilla chips and a bunch of beans. Not what was expected, but pretty tasty. Got to Jovel where Victor (our teacher) was waiting. Learned verbs and conjugations. It's not easy, but learned a lot and was fun! Came back to the hostel and finished the reset button job. Wasn't too bad, just a bit finicky. We got a bunch of bread and pastries from the market, along with some cheese and a litre of tequila. The tequila was $16 Pesos (about $1 CAD). Couldn't believe it...we can't afford not to drink it. Ate and cooked and played cards while drinking tequila and proceeded to hit the town. Found the bar recommended to us to a bunch of locals and wound up sitting with a couple girls (Eva and Monica) we recognized from the Spanish school. Drank with them and tried a few new drinks we hadn't had before...then the whisky came. Was good fun and headed back toward the hostel before getting dragged back to a different bar by some girls on the street. They taught us to Salsa dance (kind of). Eventually got to the hostel. Tomorrow's gonna be a tough one methinks.

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