Day 31 - September 2nd

Today was the day of mostly unsuccessful wandering. First we wanted to find an organic market that had been recommended to us. Just go up a couple blocks and then over a couple blocks... Or something... We still aren't sure if we actually found it or not. We ended up at the artesenal market with a bunch of hand crafted sweaters, belts, tapestries, knick-knacks, and gallons of beads. Kinda neat. Then we tried to find a Spanish school which lead to more unsuccessful wandering. We ended up at a church at the top of a big hill, which had some very interesting artwork and architecture. Finally we found the Spanish school, but it was super closed... Maybe because of the low tourist season? Anyway, we got a recommendation from a nearby hostel for a different Spanish school. Turned out to be really easy to find, and super helpful with our understanding of the language. After Spanish class, we wandered some more to find a place to eat, and managed to walk down the only street in town without and restaurants. We're pretty bad at finding places, especially when we don't know our Spanish right and left. Oh well. Spent the evening super low key with some cards and early bed. Learning a new language is exhausting!

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