Day 30 - September 1st

Are we ever going to leave Mexico?

We started our day slowly with the intention of doing some touristy stuff outside San Cristobal. Had some breakfast, planned a cave exploration, then started packing up. Trevor wanted to fix his headlight problem before heading out, but the problem became much more involved the more he looked into it. After an hour or two of troubleshooting and 3 fuses, we figured out that the bulb had burnt out and short-circuited within itself! What are the chances? While Trevor was working on the bike, Dave planned the next day into Guatemala. We found what shenanigans to expect at the border, routes to take, places to stay, etc. Finally we would leave Mexico! Turns out... Nope. We noticed Dave's tire was as bald as a naked mole rat. As in, unsafe-to-drive-into-a-new-country levels of bald. Classic. Time for a new one. Well, we're in a city of 200,000+ people with a huge motorcycle culture... This shouldn't be a big deal, right? Well, apparently our tires are a weird size that isn't stocked. We went from shop to shop with no luck... Until Eddy the mechanic took pity on Dave and told him to come for a rip. The two of them got onto Eddy's motorbike and burned around town checking all sorts of tire shops. Eventually a shop was found that could get the tires in by Friday. Hopefully they do. Guess we're stuck here until Friday. Time for some cervezas.

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