Day 9 - August 11th

Woke up in the middle of nowhere to a text from Trevor's dad saying we were 800m NNE from our hostel. Got up, and easily found the hostel by 830! Classic. In fairness it was quite poorly marked. Met the owner Richard and gave him $20 each to stay in the hostel with WiFi and showers. Got a 6 pack and hung out and went for our first swim! The ocean was nice. Not too hot, not too cold. We were amoungst some surfers. The beach was rocky but the waves were awesome. Even tried a little boogy board someone left on the beach. Finished the 6 pack, went for another swim and made dinner. Then cracked into another 6 pack. Such rest day. By this time it was getting dark. We each called the folks. Trev called his wife and chatted for hours. It was super romantic. Then went to bed with hopes of getting up early for a good day of riding after a much needed rest.

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