Day 8 - August 10th

Woke up in hills of San Diego bright and early (on the road by 8:01!). Went to McDonalds to find location of the motorcycle dealership. Met Jasper at Fun Bike Centre who gave us some good tips and generally traded stories. Next we made a quick stop at the post office and headed for the border. Discovered while buying insurance that Trevor's bike insurance and registration were missing! Went to another McDonalds to try and call home, with no luck. Next we tore the bike apart trying to find it, again no luck. Finally said screw it and tried (successfully) to buy Mexican insurance.

Went through the border which was super unofficial. It took 2 minutes and didn't even check Dave's passport. Classic Mexico. Dave didn't even realise we had crossed until the time we hit the first town. We discovered that highways are not always well marked, and ended up going the wrong way through Tijuana. Ended up on the coast where we drove a nice tolled highway until Puerto Nuevo where we stopped for a nice touristy dinner. Jesus the waiter taught us some Spanish and messed with us a bit, then introduced us to "The Chief". He spent the next 20 minutes showing us photos of his trip to Guatemala, 15 minutes of which was just scrolling. Gave us some helpful advice, then we wandered around town and got back on the freeway. Had a rough go with highways in Escanada but eventually continued on to Colonet. Tried to find Jasper's hostel by talking to locals with broken English and Spanish. It was dark and we discovered Dave absolutely hates arriving places late. Went down sketchy dirt road twice and still didn't make it to the hostel. Sleeping in a tent in a sandy marsh in  Mexico. Stars are great. Hostels in sight. Hope we make it tomorrow.

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