Day 7 - August 9th

Today was neat. Pretty neat. On the road by 830 outside of Ojai (highway 33). Road was unreal. We woke up to a Lotus racing a old Porsche then we saw 10 or so sport bikes just givin' 'er. Two of the bikes warned us of the impending doom that was a cop on a motorbike. Crisis averted. Not so lucky for the guy who pulled out in front of us... womp womp. Went to McDonald´s for the 74th time. Classic. Continued on to hwy 1 where we drove thru Malibu and Santa Monica. So crazy nice with surfers and really nice houses. Dave would totally live in Santa Monica. The next stretch was long and thru town and terrible until we hit Seal Beach. We stopped for sandwiches we made the night before and got our toes wet #brotrip. Then we continued along the coast and passed LAX unexpectedly. Then came the super cars. Every damn car on the road was super. Lambos, Ferraris, tons of Porsches, even passed a combination Buggati/McLaren dealership. That was the whole stretch from Newport Beach through to Languna Beach.  Laguna Beach is super busy and too bro-y for us. Tons of attractive people tho. That girl on the scooter, I tell ya. We then hit the I5, saw another white Lambo...just par for the course today I guess. Eventually we made it to Enchiladas. I think that's what it's called. Regrouped in McD´s for WiFi to find oil change stuff and wallets....unsuccessful on the wallets. But found some tools... good. Then went deep into the hills north of San Diego to sleep. By a reservoir. Did oil change and lubings of sorts before going to bed. Plan tomorrow is to hit the BMW dealer early for Mexico advice and cross the border by noon. We'll see!

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