Day 6 - August 8th

Woke up at Will´s house in San Fran. Said bye to Derek and Will and Francesco and thanksed them for letting us stay with them for the night. Left them 6 PBR as thanks. We remembered Jeremy's Skyline Road recommendation. Determined it was hwy 33 and got on it by the zoo which was too early. Then eventually got out of town and found the real Skyline Road he was talking about. It was sweet! Only 25 miles or so but it went from a forrest and fog climate to a hot and desert climate which was super neat. The bike culture there was crazy. Everyone riding super fast and there was a very high bike to car ratio due probably to proximity to San Fran and San Jose. Tried to navigate to the I-5, but we messed up at some point and went on a super backed up highway then turned around in Campbell to regroup and have lunch and get WiFi. Leaving Campbell a guy on a harley pulled up to Trev and asked if he shipped his bike from Britain because his licence plate said British Columbia. What a guy. Classic Campbell. Found our way out of town by using out handy dandy Google Machine and headed out. Got on I-5 after the garlic town called Gilroy. Classic Gilroy. Within the first 10 mins of I-5 riding we hated our lives. I kept looking down at my mileage and couldn't believe it had only been 10 or 15 miles. Sucked. Was super hot and couldn't escape it. Kept on there for 45 mins or so and got to a McDonalds for a much needed break. Stayed there for 30 mins and cooled off and WiFied yet again. Did some logistics planning. We got back on the I-5 to Button Willow and stole a Almond from a tree on the side of the road. I didn´t know almond trees looked like that. It was super nice to finally be off the dumb I-5.  Went along hwy 33 where we found tiny towns with Oil. Unexpected oil. T´was neat. Then we got to come turny roads then some not turny roads then some really cool turny roads then into the crazy cool alpine desert mountainous region to 5200 ft. 10/10 would definitely recommend over the I-5 en route to LA. Found a spot on the side of the road to camp and we were all set up and made some sandwiches for the morning and it was only 9:30pm. Awesome. Stoked for tomorrow where we should be able to rise the coast and people watch all the way down to San Diego where we will get a few errands done before heading to Mexico.

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