Day 5 - August 7th

Woke up today on the river beach in Happy Camp, with the bikes still stuck. We managed to get them out of the sand with no real problems, but couple near drops. On the road by 10am - best time yet! Went down to Willow Creek, which was super smokey but a super cool road. Then we went to the coast to eureka and road the 101 to Leggett. Went on hwy 1 (which was amazing) to the coast where we met Mario the polish Chicago dude. He was on the goldwing with a full size cooler attached to the back! This was his first time seeing the pacific ocean, so needless to say he was pretty stoked. The hwy 1 stayed amazing all the way along the coast. Then we got off hwy 1 at hwy 128 and followed the crazy truck that was ripping. The big box truck was driving the twisty roads as fast as we were! He was rad. Got to 101 at Cloverdale and rode the 101 all the way to SanFran. We checked out Lombard St. (the super steep, twisty, short, slow road) and came to Jeremy's old house with Will and Derek. Got burritos and beer and played Dominion. Fun times. Trev got the couch because Dave got the bed in San Fran. Dave´s on the floor. On to tomorrow. Maybe San Diego?

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