Day 4 - August 6th

Today we started in Bassendorf Beach, just outside of Coos Bay. Left pretty early to McDonalds for breakky and WiFi. Trev left his backpack on his footpeg and didn´t notice until it was too late. He went back to try to find it, while Jeremy and Dave kept going to McDonalds like idiots. Trev didn't find it, and rode back to McD´s to meet up. All of us went back to try to look for it then, remembering that the GPS tracker was in the backpack. Jeremy used his american cell phone to pull up the GPS tracker website to find the pack. We looked in the spot showing online, which was right beside some sketchy people. They said to ask some other people, and when we came back 5 minutes later, they had magically found it! $120 US was taken from the wallet, but nothing else was missing. Whatever - (expensive) lesson learned.

Left the area and went to highway 42 and went to Agness "city" in the absolute middle of nowhere. Had 11 miles of dirt road, which was somewhat tricky for Jeremy´s sportbike, but he did great! The first dirt road of the trip! Stopped in Agness for gas and a cooldown and a quick lunch. Drove a cool one lane road up a huge mountain. Met a biker guy from Toronto halfway along the pass. Next, went to Merlin and had supper with Jeremy. We got directions from crazy locals in the bar. Jeremy left us to Seattle. Hope he made it.

We got on 199 to Waldo or Happy Camp road. Was the best road yet. Super twisty and awesome and no cars. 10/10 would get dad recommendation again. Ended up in Happy Camp where we are currently camping. Convenient. We split a blonde 6 pack, not the IPA. Sorry Trev. Bikes currently stuck in sand. Problem for tomorrow.

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