Day 3 - August 5th

Today we woke up in Pacific City.  We were quickly trying to pack up because we were clearly in an area where we were not allowed to camp. Just as were packing away the tents, a ranger rolls up. Luckily he was chill and told us camping in State Parks is a no-no and we could have got a big fine. He also told us to go ahead and just check on a map next time. Supposedly you can camp anywhere that´s not in city limits or in one of these parks. Neat! Since we were beside Dave´s family´s old campground, he was pretty confident we could go in and have showers. We got into the campground, went straight up to the swimming pool area where Jeremy and Dave got in the hot tub. Luxury I tell ya.  Got all cleaned and and eventually headed down the road. With no real destination in mind, we headed south down the 101. Got on the road for an hour or so and BOOM! Trevor´s tire has a flat. Great - day 3 and we already have a flat (on a perfectly paved road too!). Oh well...pulled over to the side of the road where it was windy, but pretty nice and started fixin´ ´er up.  Without a centre stand (or a way to get Dave´s off), we had to find a way to get the rear tire off. Trev found a handy dandy stick in the woods and it worked! First try!  Odd, but awesome. From there it was pretty standard...difficult and lame and hot and tiring, the tire was eventualy changed and we were back on the road. Probably took a couple hours and delayed us a little bit, but oh well. Looks like Jeremy won´t make it to San Fran by Friday  like he was expecting - but who knows, it could still happen. Once we got back on the road, we set a destination for Coos Bay where we hoped to find somewhere to camp. Got into town just after sunset and got a recommendation from a 76 gas station attendent to go camp at Basssendorf Beach. Done!  Got there and it looked pretty sweet!  couple tents already set up and fires on the beach.  We went down with a couple beers and a $3 bottle of champagne to celebrate our first flat and met a few cool dudes - Lockkey, Jad and Toby. They were from Australia and were drinking excessive amounts of boxed wine. Perfect. Turns out they were engineers too. Jeremy came out of the evening with a new nickname. Jizzah. Classic Jizzah. Aussies are the best.

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