Day 29 - August 31st

So. Much. Rain. Wow wow we wah. We were wet today.

Started the day in Arriaga where we got breakfast in a taxi stand. We again began our day with awesome riding conditions. Roads were twisty and sexy as ever. Once we got down into the valley where Tuxtla was, we got super hot...dying from the heat, we took a break to get money and naturally some Dominoes pizza. We're pretty dumb...why are we eating Dominoes in Mexico? Hit the road again and got too hot again,but found a sign that resembled a waterfall. Follow said sign and it led us to a waterfall. Go figure. We paid some guy 20 pesos to allow us to swim at his waterfall. It was actually pretty neat. The waterfall came out of a cave that was over 3000 m long. They do tours thru said cave in the dry season. Upon leaving we were considering wetting out shirts for some heat relief for the ride to San Cristobal de Las Casas but opted to not. Good choice as within 15 minuted we encountered the self-dubbed Hurricane Juan. It was the craziest rain ever. We were soaked.  Visibility was also at an all time low as clouds or fog or rain or some combination of all three were creating a situation where we needed an adult, yet no adults were to be found. We eventually arrived in the town and we found a sweet hostal where we were able to store the bikes. Unfortunately we were still the only people....guess we should have waited to travel for the good time of year to travel. Oops. The town is awesome nonetheless. High elevation so its not hot, and tons of walking streets and cool vendors, but it also feels genuine and not very touristy. Has a good vibe for sure. Tomorrow we might go adventure in the mountains, who knows. Today we also met Peter. He's been living at the hostal for over 3 years and knows BC and the island. We even knew about certain stores in Victoria. Turns out he lived there for a while. Was neat to reminisce a bit about home. He is German and now lives here in Mexico full time. Definitely well traveled. Anyways, I hope tomorrow has less rain, and less heat or something.

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