Day 28 - August 30th

4 weeks! Got up in Huatulco and got of dodge pretty quick after a better than expected complimentary breakfast at our hotel. It was already hot by the time we left around 10:30, but the roads along the coast were fun and fast and twisty....seems like a theme these last few days. No complaints.  Got an hour or so down the road and got to Salina Cruz and found an Oxxo to cool down at. Those Oxxo's are a biker's best friend. If only they had WiFi and a bank machine we'd probably never go anywhere else. Anyways, we got out of there and got on the toll road to make up some time. Unexpectedly, we ended up driving right thru a wind was so unbelievably windy. We had to fight out bikes to stay one point I think Trevor was going 120km/h while leaned over 25 degrees and still riding in a straight was nuts. Further down the road we decided to stop in at a tiny restaurant on the side of the road. Pretty genuine place for people driving there, but we got the feeling not many tourists ever come. Food was pretty good. From there we were an hour away from our destination for the night where we found a little hotel with a 1.20cm (I think it meant meters?) swimming pool. Was nice to arrive early ish around 5 or so and just chill out and have a few beers.  Got food in town and hit the sack.  Oh, and today we had two different people ask for photos with us...."its like they've never seen a white person before" -Eminem.

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