Day 27 - August 29th

After our third night in Oaxaca, it was finally time to leave. We packed up our things and again headed to Equinnoxio café for another great breakfast. After breakky, we talked to the guys who worked there about our trip and about our plans for the next day or two. They gave us some tips on where to head and which route to take. Thanks guys! From there we got on the highway and headed for Hualtulco. After an hour or so of driving, we had travelled almost two-thirds of the way there up some fun fast roads. Then the twisties hit. Ascending and descending huge mountains, with steep cliffs and incredibly sharp corners, we averaged about 50 km/h going as fast as we possibly could. At one point we were joined by a Mexican guy who also liked to ride fast. We kept passing each other, racing ahead, then slowing down to let each other catch up. It was such a riot! Going from 1600m elevation in Oaxaca to almost 3000m over this mountain pass made Trevor's bike run quite poorly, with backfires aplenty. It sorted itself out again once we were back at the coast. On the way down, we managed to miss the recommended road to Hualtulco. We thought we stayed on the same road the entire time, and we were in mountains, and didn't see another road even once. Seems unlikely that the road even existed. Once we finally got Hualtulco, we explored around a bit to find a place to stay. The town was all but deserted, and had a kind of creepy vibe to it. Dave had a hotel manager chase him down the street because they were so desperate for guests. Finally we found a cheap enough place and had a chill evening on the beach.

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  1. nice to meet you we met in the oxxo image I have here with you!
    Saludos desde Salina cruz Oaxaca
    Att Jairo alejandro MJ
    Good travel