Day 26 - August 28th

Went to Equinoxxio for breakfast again...those guys are super rad and don't bother charging us for coffee. We tipped well for sure. Got a couple recommendations from the 2 guys working there and went on adventuring for the day. First, we went to Monté Alban which is a ruin city that was built 2000 years ago or so. Really cool to walk around and super close to town, just at the top of one of the surrounding hills. Crazy steep roads to get up there. We wandered around for over an hour just exploring. Once done there, we attempted to find a petrified waterfall with naturally occurring springs called Hierve El Agua. This was a 1.5 hour drive away based on Google. The road to get out of town was nuts. People we honking like crazy and the road went both directions on either side of us....we had no idea what was happening. Sheer pandamonium I tell ya. Anyways, we get about an hour into the drive and find the road is closed. A guy is there guarding the closed road which looked to be brand new to tell us it was for locals only. Then he said we could pass if we tipped him. We told him we'd tip on our way out....just like that we were thru....until we got the toll booth where there was a couple ladies working. They said we didn't need to pay, so we just kept going...until we got to the next block in the road. This guy was adamant we couldn't pass. Confused, we went back to the toll booth girls and communicated in broken English and Spanish what had happened. They got on the phone with the construction lead and we got the go ahead to keep going...whoop! Finally on our way. Turns out this was a super nice brand new stretch of highway. Awesome. We go the waterfall and it was one of the coolest things we've ever seen. They were hot springs like we had anticipated, but the water was Luke warm and a super naturally occurring infinity pool overlooking a beautiful valley. So awesome. Barely anyone was there because the road was closed too which was great for us. Did some flips and stuff, and hung out for the afternoon. back on the road toward Oaxaca by 6, we went back thru the closed road and hit a heavy rain storm. Soaked, we got back to the traffic and crazy driving and finally got to out hotel soaking wet at 8:00pm. 2 hours it took us to go 65kms. Got dried off and went for tacos down from out hotel. They tasted amazing. Still not over the fold here, its gonna be tough to leave. Tomorrow we plan to head to Peurto Escondido, but neither of us think we'll be getting an early start. We shall see.


  1. Enjoying the blog. Awesome you are locating these sites. Worth the struggle and all part of the adventure! Mike R

  2. we're soooooo glad that you're doing a blog! Great to accompany you. If you need to know any phrases in Spanish, or need some local contacts in case of emergency, please let us know. We might be able to help out, depending upon who our Latin American contacts know.