Day 25 - August 27th

A couple too many cervezas the night before made this morning a bit tougher than the rest. When we finally dragged ourselves out into the real world, we decided today was the day to get a blog up and running. We went to a small café for breakky which was tremendous. Free amazing coffee, good atmosphere, good food, and free homemade orange juice. They even played some Jon & Roy, which was pretty unexpected.

We went to the free government internet building and found out about what they offered. It was a new social program providing free computer access, English & French lessons, computer courses, and other forms of education. We took advantage of the great network connection to save some videos. When we reached our time limit, another internet cafe just down the street took us in. 8 pesos an hour for computer use! Can't go wrong. We got the blog up and running, sent the link to some friends. Had supper at a restaurant near Centro, walked around some churches and the hooker alley, and then called it a day.

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