Day 23 - August 25th

Today started with a glorious Oxxo breakfast of crappy coffee and a Snickers bar. We also bought a plethora of baked products from a lady just outside the Oxxo, which turned out to be very tasty and great value! While eating our nutritious start to the day, we wandered a street market with locals selling everything from fruit to DVDs to brand name shoes. Getting back to the mission, we asked the front desk lady some very serious questions:
1) What is the difference between TĂș and Usted
2) What is the word for "safety"
3) How to say "You are pretty!"
She was very good with English so she was easily able to answer these questions. She, along with another dude, also gave us some advice about the upcoming days of travel including safety of Puebla and Oaxaca. Very nice folks.

Once we were on our way, our first stop of the day was in Morelia. We tried to bypass the city, but failed miserably. Stuck in Mexican rush hour was not exactly our idea of fun. After finally making it through, we stayed on the cuortas (toll highways) around Mexico City. The terrain and scenery was absolutely beautiful! Lush greenery, mountains, tall bridges, deep valleys... The only thing it didn't have was twisty roads for the motorbikes. Oh well. The temperature was right, and we didn't even get rained on! After about 5 hours of riding, we made it to Puebla. Instantly we weren't having fun. The city was crowded, everyone was in a rush, the streets were difficult to navigate, and we still didn't have a place to stay. We were tired, hot, hungry, and homeless. After several red herrings, we finally found a hotel within our price range, and protected motorcycle parking to boot! Ditched our gear, wandered to an italian restaurant, and ate a satisfying meal. We were still grumpy, but at least we were full.

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