Day 21 - August 23rd

3 weeks! Woke up in beautiful Peurto Vallarta at the ol Rosita Hotel. Our bikes got soaked due to the wetness of the rain. It was sweet though, we got to keep our bikes in the hotel lobby the while time we stayed there. Got up, paid for breakfast (got away without paying yesterday, turns out...sorry Rosita). Headed toward Guadalajara on a super wet road, we got hecka wet. We did a lot of sketchy passes on mountain roads. We did a lot of uphill. Was grey and overcast or slightly spitting most of the time, but the roads were pretty rad. Slow and some potholes, but wayyy better than the desert. We stopped a lot today. Oxxo, gas, GoPro, pee beak x2, rain jacket, load checking. We also stopped at a gas station where Dave paid 3 Pesos to poop. Good times. While pooping Trevor (AKA Lupé) met Greg the Harley rider who was getting a few wobbly pops into him before riding back to Guadalajara where we was from. We was with 8 other Harley bikes and we rode with them for a solid 47 minutes. Was pretty hilarious riding with Harleys. As we got into Guadalajara, Dave's bike started being lame and would die for no reason. We got an air filter cleaner and put that to use in the hotel. In finding a hotel, we met a lovely service rep from Auto Zone named Veronica. She walked us 5 mins to find a hotel. Too bad it was ritzy. But she was cool. Didn't speak a word of English. Eventually found a place in the downtown square with safe parking to sleep at for cheap. Then we were working on motorbikes when trev dicked er and got locktite in his eye. He's screwed and now he can't undo it. Gave the eyes a good flush and hopefully his eyes open tomorrow. He believes he has increased the torque spec on his eyelids. Perfect. Met a young dude named Alexis who was super interested in our motorbike stuff and taught Lupé some swear words and gave encouragement while Trev tried to get the locktited sproket off of his countershaft splines. The locktite went everywhere when that bottle exploded. At the end of the day we didn't accomplish too much in terms of motorcycle work. The city is cool tho. Still don't know where we're going tomorrow.

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