Day 20 - August 22nd

After the first night in hotel Rosita, we slept in and ended up getting a free buffet breakfast. The hotel waiters were confused about where to go for the continental breakfast, so we went to the buffet by accident. They tried to make us pay but we told him "buddy said it was included". Then we doubled over to the motorcycle shop to pick up Dave's bike. It started perfectly and had been freshly cleaned! Brought the bike back to the hotel and swam in the pool. We went over to the beach for a bit and met a painter from Illinois who was telling us about the jungles outside Puerto Vallarta. Later, we went to try to sneak into an all inclusive. The only one we got close to had a strict security guard. Poor execution. All the taxi drivers and pushy sales people tried to offer us drugs and hookers. I guess we look like the perfect cliental.  Not so much. We went back to the hotel to swim in the pool and ocean. Tough day. Walked down the boardwalk to grab a snack and some cervezas and ended up climbing an art which was a statue of a big ladder and 2 girls climbing it. We had to climb it, but right as Trevor hi-fived the statue, the storm hit. Crazy amounts of rain and lightning made everybody else seek shelter, but us Canadians didn't find it out of the ordinary at all. Soaking wet, we made it back to Hotel Rosita for the night.

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  1. I climbed that same ladder statue in PV when I was there back in late !