Day 2 - August 4th

Today was our first morning out of Canada. We woke up and spent the entire morning calling banks and figuring out travel insurance. Eventually we hit the road with Jeremy.

Our first goal was to ride the roads around Mt. Saint Helens, so we rode south out of Seattle and headed for the hills. While stopping for gas in Randle, Wa., we met some Harley riders who had just come from Mt. St. H. and we asked them about it. One lady who was riding a trike complained that it was the worst road ever, and that her coffee kept spilling from her cupholder. Once we got on the road, however, we were all in agreement that it was an amazing road with lots of twisties, hills, and scenic views. We got to a lookout near the top of the hills and stopped for a rest, but we were excited to get back on the road and keep ripping. "Worst road ever" my ass!

After leaving the park, we rode beside Swift Reservoir and then down to Portland. Powering through the city took us to highway 99W towards McMinnville. This highway wasn´t nearly as fun as earlier in the day! We got to Highway 22 as it got dark, and kept riding until we reached Pacific City, Or. Looking around the area for a while, our final destination was a parking lot beside the beach underneath a "No Camping" sign. What a long day!

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