Day 19 - August 21st

Woke up in Costa del Sol hotel where we packed up and tried to bump start Dave's bike to get it to the shop. Unsuccessful, we took a video and drove to the shop and showed them the problem. The two girls there, Isis and Naomi, spoke English and that helped a lot. The mechanic and his kid came to our hotel in a tuk tuk to help us bump start, but again unsuccessful so we used a tow rope from Trevor´s bike to mine and towed the bike through town to the mechanic. By this time it was already 2:00pm. We went and got a new hotel on the edge of the malecon in Peurto Vallarta called Hotel Rosita where we could park our bikes inside the foyer. VIP. Went for a few beers and a swim in sytle. Got out of the pool at 6:30pm to an email which said we could get the bike. It was done already. Unfortunately, we got there too late. The problem was the Bendix gear inside the engine case as part of the starter clutch assembly. Hopefully Dave's starting issue that had been happening for the last few days is dealt with. Our line this whole time was "oh, she'll go". Back to the hotel for a few beers I guess....we´ll try to pick it up again tomorrow.

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