Day 18 - August 20th

We got up at a good time in hopes of reaching Peurto Vallarta nice and early today.  It was a long motorcycle day but the roads were pretty fun. We had a couple sketchy passes in the mountains trying to get around Semi-trucks. The road would have been super great had there been no traffic. Unfortunately, Dave's bike full out died along the way. He´s also been having a terrible time starting the bike. Just keeps making this gross whirring noise then eventually turns over, but it´s getting worse and worse. It got bad enough that we decided we had to stop in Tepic to talk to the Kawasaki dealer. The bike won´t start at all now. We had to get help from the guys at the dealership to bump start it. They told us the Kawasaki dealer in Peurto Vallarta was bigger and they could help us out. We gave her the beans all the way to PV without stopping for gas and the bike made it to town. Unfortunately, we decided the best place to turn off the bike was outside the Hilton when it was pouring rain. Obviously too ritzy for us, we got soaked trying to bump start the bike in the Hilton lobby haha. Classic us. Unsuccessful due partially to the rain and not having any clopes to run down, we were getting pretty tried. It was dark already too. After an hour or so, we finally got it going in the grocery store parking lot. We found a seedy hotel yet again and parked the bikes for the night.  Met some Spanish (from Spain) kids in a taco shop down from the hotel who tried to teach us some Spanish, but it turned out to be just them swearing and making fun of us. Time for some sleep and we´ll try to get the bike working in the morning.

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