Day 17 - August 19th

After a terrible night's sleep on ferry chairs, we woke up just in time for a breakfast of cold rice, cold beans, cold eggs, and tortillas. We hung out until the ship docked in Mazatlan - only an hour and a half behind schedule! Another motorcycle on the ferry wouldn't start, so his buddy had to tow the bike down the ramps and into the parking lot. The two bikes tied together was pretty funny to see rolling into the military checkpoint once we were off the boat. Once through the checkpoint, we found a place to eat lunch and figure out a destination for the day. We headed towards Mazatlan's so called "golden zone" - a spot for tourists with supposed safety and security. We found a hotel just off the beaten path with a pool and good motorbike parking. After cooling off for a bit, we headed to the touristy strip to see what the town had to offer. Being the off season, everywhere was empty and pretty quiet - even Joe's oyster bar! Called ´er a night early because of the terrible sleeps the past few days. But also, we finally had a real bed. No complaints.

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