Day 16 - August 18th

Woke up on a beach outside La Paz. Was a super hot night. Barely slept.  We got up, said bye to Curtis who gave us a couple maps and tips on where to stay. We proceded to head up to the INM (immigration) because we still didn't have a tourist card. They basically told us to we were screwed and to go back to Tijuana to get one or fly to Canada and back. Naturally, we just laughed at how ridiculous our situation was and went to Applebee's. After eating and looking up how to scam the system by pretending we just showed up in the country on a boat, we decided we should actually try to scam the system at the airport. Much to our surprise, that actually worked. Our bro Antionio hooked us up. We were asking the lady who worked at Hertz rent-a-car and she reffered us to Antonio.  I´m pretty sure he had a thing for her so he id everything he could to show off his skills and help us out. We only had to grease him about $50 US to get us our tourist cards from his buddy in immigration on the other side of airport security. Classic Mexico. After a few high fives we ripped over to the post card store. This was our first tale good enough for one of those things. Dave also got a sticker for the saddle bags on the bike. Naturally, we ran out of gas on the way to the ferry so we got some of the Magna in us and headed out. We were supposed to be at the ferry terminal 3 hours ahead of time. We showed up with less than an hour and barely squeeked on. We still had to deal with the $400 US deposit to ensure we don't sell our bikes while on the mainland. We were originally worried we wouldn't get the money back, but then we learned we were dealing with the military bank. Pretty neat. The lady there was soooooo helpful. Her name was Lizeth I believe. Trev thinks her name started with an E. Either way...she was cool. We made the ferry and now we're 4.7 hours into a 16 hour journey to Mazatlan.

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