Day 15 - August 17th

Our goal today is to get to our last town in Baja - La Paz. Along the way we encountered our first bit of rain which was oddly nice. Haven´t seen rain since we left Victoria.  When we stopped for gas, there were two kids there that were probably 10 years old or so. Their dad was the gas station attendant. The kids were super awesome and very interested in our bikes. They honked the horns and tried on our helmets.  Trev had one helment on with the Sena hooked up and spoke Spanish to the kid through the helmet.  So cool! They made us go fast to leave too to show off. At the next gas station, we noticed that Dave´s bike took about 20% more fuel than Trevors. Worried, we took off the air filter and gave her a good shake to get rid of some crud thinking that might solve things. Knock on wood.  While working we also noticed the tool tube was falling off - must have been hit by a big rock or something along the way. Got that fixed easily enough with a spare hose clamp we had. The whole time we were working on the bikes, the gas station was bumping dance beats super loud through 2 12" subwoofers. Classic Mexico haha - we got to dance a bit as we worked. As we were getting into La Paz we stopped at an Oxxo where a couple kids wiped off our bikes and wanted a tip. Whatever, sure, have a peso. Our goal once we got into town was to find out how to get on the ferry tomorrow. We drove to the main Baja Ferries office in town where we were told that we needed a special vehicle import pass that was obtainable at the Banjercita at the terminal. We got there and the attendant spoke ood english but says we need a tourist card that we had to get at the INM which is the immigraton office. So. Much. Paperwork. We got to the INM just in time for it to close. I guess we´ll try in the morning. Hope this all works out. On the way back into town we noticed a red KLR parked outside a bar so we went in to go have a look. There, we met Curtis. He rode from Spokane to Belize and was on his way home. The three of us went to an Oxxo to grab some beers and headed to go camp at the beach. Found a nice spot and got all set up. We met a couple French guys who were walking by in Speedos. Then it got windy. Note, at this point we´ve all had a couple beers.  Next thing ya know...Trevor´s tent blows into the ocean! Panic and laughter quickly set in a Trev had to go retrieve his tent which was waist deep in the water.  Looks like you´re gonna have a wet night buddy.  Once that all got sorted, we wandered down the beach to have a couple more beers and ended up hanging out with the French guys who were also having a few drinks.  The two of us are sleeping in the same tent tonight. Hope mine is tied down well enough...

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