Day 14 - August 16th

Had a nice lazy morning in our luxury hotel room. Then we found out that we had changed time zones and were an extra hour behind. Packed up, grabbed free hotel coffee, fuelled up at the Pemex, then hit the road. After a couple kms we noticed a bit of a weird smell coming from both of our bikes - smelled like burning oil. Probably just bad gas (we hope). Saw a guy on the highway jogging in front of a car who looked like he was trying to run the Baja peninsula. No man, don't do that. Just don't - was waayyyyy too hot. We got into Loreto and asked the Pemex lady for a hotel recommendation. We set up in a seedy little motel on the main drag into town. Had a lunch at a touristy place down by the water and talked to a waiter who spoke good english. Learned from him that May to October is slow season because its too hot, and September is pretty much totally dead. We found a laundromat a block from the motel, so that was a no brainer. We both took a big long siesta then tried calling the Baja Ferries line, with no success (who would think getting on a ferry would be this hard?). We went for a quick dip in the ´ol ocean and watched people cruising in their cars and on their motorbikes along the ocean boulevard. After a quick shower and regroup, we went for an evening cruise on the bikes to check out the town. As night hit, we went back to the motel with an AC unit that barely kept up to Canadian cold standards. Oh well, I´m sure this isn´t the worst place we are going to stay.

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