Day 13 - August 15th

Still hot. Hot night. Woke up at 4:00am to beat the heat en route to San Ignacio. On the road by 5, we were riding before the sun was up. We were both stupid tired for the first hour or two of the ride. We made it to Guerro Negro where we finally found an ATM then splurged on some breakfast at a place recommended by the friendly lady at te Pemex. Ended up being a neat spot where we met Michelle (aka little miss Baja) and guy who´s name escapes me at the moment. Michelle was from down south heading up north to LA to check on her business. She was super cool and gave us some good travel tips for our journey down Baja. He was pedal biking and was a Ph.D student studying History. He knew all about maps and the bad spots in Mexico and comedians. We got on the road so San Ignacio and arrived around noon. It was already hot. We circled town and got a recommendation to stay at La Huerta hotel. The hotel wasn't marked and the lady from the Desert Inn escorted us there to find it which was awesome of her. It was super upscale to what we were used to with all the camping - even had AC and WiFi. And comfy beds. At first, we´re pretty sure the lady thought we were gay and offered us a 1 bed room. Thanks, but No thanks haha. Got in the room and took a nice long siesta. We got up, went to a hole in the wall restaurant for tacos and a couple cervasas. The young lady working there totally had a thing for Trev. On the way back to the hotel, we went to the mini mercado for earplugs but they didn't have any so we bought more beer. Tried to figure out the Baja Ferries situation, which was continuously frustrating. We talked to the new front desk lady, who was exceptionally helpful and friendly. She spoke very good English and helped us figure out the ferry details, including forms, phone numbers, etc. Then we met Clay. He was the 2nd guy now, who we had met who was travelling on a 250 Honda Rebel. Clay´s was a lot newer than Ricardos though. He shared some cool stories from his time working at a homeless shelter in Portland. 10:00pm rolled around and we crashed hard after a long day and we plan to go to Loreto in the morning.

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