Day 12 - August 14th

This morning we woke up at 6 to get an early start watching whale sharks. After a quick bite to eat, we headed to La Gringa campground to meet the Salt Lakers. The boat, scheduled for 7am, didn't show up, which left us all pretty frustrated. Together we planned to get another boat, but it couldn't come around until 3pm. Oh well. We went to town to buy some water and snacks, packed our stuff up from our camp, then chilled until 3pm at the beach at La Gringa. The boat showed up but apparently there was a problem having us two extra people on board. Daniel, the camp owner, tried to grease some extra money out of the Salt Lakers...and he was successful. The only way we were getting on that boat was by paying an extra $40. Once we got on the boat everything was awesome! We had a great boat driver named Maulrow (I´m sure that´s spelled wrong) who used to be sponsored for enduro riding by Honda for 15 years. He told us stories of driving from Rome to Beijing and from Argentina to Alaska and over to New York. Cool guy.  Anyways, we are on the boat and Maulrow takes us to the whale sharks. They were huge! We got off the boat and swam with them. Trev got right close to one and it was awesome! Once the whale sharks left, Maulrow directed us over to the sea lions to have another swim. The two of us thught that was hilarious being from Victoria, but when in Bahia de Los Angeles....we did it and it was cool! We should start charging tourists for this back home haha.  Continuing along, we swam with a bunch of cool fish and a few really big sting rays and even saw a couple manta rays fly above the water.  There were flying fish too!  They seemed to be able to go upwards of 10 meters without going back into the water.  It was a pretty great day and we were super thankful to the Salt Lakers for inviting us.  Damien, if you´re reading this, we still owe ya that $40.  Unfortunately the two of us are flat out broke. We couldn´t even make it to dinner with the Salt Lakers for $2 tacos. We currently have $8 US and two full tanks of gas to get us the 200 kms to the next city where they have an ATM...we hope. We ended the day by waiting for the sun to go down to see the bioluminescence in the water. It was soooooo worth it. Any movement and the ocean lit up bright green. You could even see the fish in the water.  We finally got to bed after great day with new friends and we hope to wake up early tomorrow to beat the heat.

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