Day 11 - August 13th

Today we woke up in cots on the beach beside our patula. Woke up to a beautiful sunrise but quickly went back to bed. Then woke up cause it was too hot and it stayed being too hot the whole day. We decided to adventure to the south side of the bay in Bahia de Los Angeles where we encountered some sketchy roads and poor signage in search of whale sharks. Found a nice beach and about 5 minutes in we saw some big fish. Then we got somewhat scared of sting rays, because we didn't know anything about them. A van pulled up and got stuck with 6 people from Salt Lake City: Clara, Damien, Wes, Jeff, Kyle, and Rebecca. They were super chill and Dave gave Jeff a ride to town to find help. He talked to the police and got them to drive their truck over to the stuck van. The two vehicles were tied together and the truck yanked the van out of the sand. The Salt Lakers tried to give the police $20 US as a thank-you, but some miscommunication happened and they ended up paying $40. The salt lakers invited us on a whale shark tour tomorrow as a thank-you for helping them out. Super nice. We stayed at the beach for a bit then tried to venture farther south around the bay. It was hot and kept being hot. We got to a gatehouse where a guy let us swim for 1.5 hours. It was deserted over there. Not too sure what was going on. Heard it might have been some sort of estuary. On the road there were salt flats. Not huge but flat and white. On the way back we saw 2 coyotes running real fast on the flats and came real close to our bikes. By this point we were extremely dying of heat and made it to the market where we bought snacks and water before heading back to camp for a siesta. At the market we found a German guy from Cobble Hill. Crazy! He was driving a motorhome down Baja and stopped in the same town. After the siesta, we went for a dip in the water and had a shower and then tried to find the Salt Lake kids' campsite at La Gringa. Unsuccessful. Went to try to find an ATM. No dice. Only have $42 US and $200 Pesos to last us the next 2 days. Closest ATM is in Guerro Negro. Sucks. But whatever. We will figure it out. Went for dinner at Alejandrinas again and split a meal and got a drink to get WiFi and figure out our money situation. Ran into the Salt Lake kids there and it's looking like we will get to see whale sharks after all. We shall see.

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