Day 10 - August 12th

Woke up at cuatro casas and had a leisurely start to the day including coffee, mountain house, etc. Left at 11:24 to head south with the goal of reaching Bahia de los Angeles. Took 2 or 3 hours to reach el Rosario which turned out to be the last gas station before our destination. Two dogs almost got pancaked by running out in front of Dave. Ran into a guy from Vernon at the Rosario gas station. The attendant recommended we get a jerry can because it was 320 km to the next gas station. We said screw it and we'll try to just make it. It was a good call - we found a guy selling gas out of a barrel halfway along the highway which topped us up. The highway was extremely hot and long with no shade, water, towns, or WiFi. After Rosario we came upon an overturned semi truck with appliances spilled all over the road. We tried to bypass the accident with a sandy side road which lead to us both dropping our bikes within seconds of each other. After struggling to get the bikes back on the road, we were even more exhausted from the heat. Once we got to town, we met a cool boat driver at the gas station. He drove for marine biologists from a university in ensensda. Using Riccardos directions, we found the campsite. Met Eleanor and Zumba who were staying in the palapa next to us. Eleanor was pregnant and they had a dog. Breed: Mexican Street. Hung out with them until dark then went to bed. We slept on cots outside the Palapa under the stars and got to watch a meteor shower.

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