Day 1 - August 3rd

We have departed! We met up in White Rock, BC at 9:00pm, got our fancy new Sena headsets all working and left for the border.  No line at all, we crossed in and got gas, then headed towards our first night destiniation: Seattle. Our good buddy Jeremy offered his house for us to stay at.  Leaving late, we decided to stick to the I5 the whole way. Pretty long and boring to be honest, but we tested out our headsets a bunch and beaked each other the whole way.  We were both super excited to finally be on the road for the trip we´d been planning for so long. Eventually got to Jeremy´s place where we picked up a chain and sprocket we had sent there for Trevor´s bike. The apartment was decked out with a TON of Seattle Seahawks schwag.  Crashed hard and got a to do list together for the next day - turns out we still had to somehow get travel insurance and call banks and stuff.  That´s tomorrow´s problem. Good night!

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